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Company history

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1964 - Establishment of the mechanical workshops

Establishment of a mechanical workshop by mechanical engineer Arnold Blank in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.
Production of rotating TV tables in larger numbers for the company Quelle.

1966 - Relocation of the manufacturing plant...

Relocation of the manufacturing facility to Herrenberg – Oberjesingen, as Arnold Blank Schlosserei.

1976 - Major contract Daimler Benz

First major contract for Daimler Benz. Production of seat embossing tools for vehicle seats and door panels. Entry into the manufacture of protection- and safety systems

1977 - Company foundation of Arnold Blank

Foundation of Arnold Blank mechanical workshops

1978 - Expansion of locksmithing

Expansion of our locksmithing to protection- and safety systems. Continual presence at Daimler Benz. Ongoing contracts for turning, milling, mechanical machining and construction of larger protection- and safety systems.

1983 - On-site assembly

Continual on-site assembly of protection- and safety systems at Daimler Benz.

1988 - Major contract England/FORD AG

First major contract in England for the Ford-Company Liverpool.

1990 - foundation of Blank Metallbau GmbH...

Foundation of Blank Metallbau GmbH.

1992 - Arnold Blank retires

In 1992, our company founder Arnold Blank went into well-deserved retirement.

1993 - New company Management

Acquisition of the company by the new management in January 1993. The objective for the coming years is the development of the European market.
First major contract for Ford AG in Holland and General Motors/Opel in Belgium.

1995 - Inclusion of steel construction components

Inclusion of large steel construction components in the production program. Through the continuous increasement of the production team, it became possible to take over almost the complete execution of the protection- and safety systems at Mercedes-Benz for the production facilities of the E-class.

1995 - Production hall in Holzgerlingen

The purchase of a new production hall in Holzgerlingen (Production site I). Relocation from the old industrial buildings in Oberjesingen to Holzgerlingen.

1996 - Increase in capacity

Further increase in capacity. Several large projects in Europe, which alone include between 10,000 and 12,000 linear meters of protective grille. Deliveries to non-European countries like America and Korea. Expansion of production for the manufacture of transport systems. Thus, the goal of the international importance of the company can be systematically pursued until the year 2000.

1997 - Establishment of the Administrative building

The establishment of a new Administrative building